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A Proven Track Record

Below you will find several of the unedited endorsements e-mailed to us from past users. There is just one reason QuickGain has won such overwhelming acceptance... IT WORKS!”

(NOTE: If you would like to share feedback about your experiences, please e-mail our customer care team. We honor the wishes of respondents who ask to remain anonymous).

"This really works. My wife always reminds me to reorder! I took it for 3 months without telling her. One night, before she knew, she told me I haven’t been this good in bed since I was 21. I’m lifting heavier weights and my body looks amazing!"

- Tim

"This is a great product. You can see the difference in a few days. I highly recommend it."

- John

"I want to get bigger and there are thousands of products to help build muscle." "Which one do I take!!?" I ordered yours as it looked like it had the best ingredients, I’m glad I did I gained 10lbs of muscle in a few short weeks."

- Anonymous

"First of all, I love the spray before workouts, brilliant product! I’m lifting much heavier weights now. I have been taking QuickGain now for over six months. My problem with occasional impotence has diminished greatly and my libido is getting healthier by the day...even at my 60 + years of age. My muscle mass has also increased, I feel great!"

- James

"I had GREAT results. I would use the spray in the morning 30 min. prior to workout and would always follow with a good carb such as oatmeal. My workouts consisted of 4 day split body routine and small amounts of cardio. I used a high protein diet and high calorie diet to gain size while on products. Halfway thru i had maintained around the same weight but body fat had decreased by 5% and every set had increased weight by at least 25lbs. At the end of the program i had gained 2 inches on my arms, chest and back much noticeable larger. I had dropped 9% body fat, and gained 8lbs off lean muscle. My bench went to 315, curls 125, and squats a dramatic 355. I can’t thank you enough for the results received from your products and i have recently placed and order for more. I have recommended you guys to a great number of friends, and those who took the challenge thanked me."

- Anonymous

"Ordered this for my husband, after he showed it to me online. The first time he used it, it worked to help with his strength, and I loved it in bed ;) ;) Now he takes it every day and...enjoys the benefits. Just one week so far - cannot wait for the long term effects to be reached! Thank you"

- Sheila

"I have tried many of the Testosterone prescriptions available. Every single one of them had side effects (e.g., nervousness, sweating). After reading the many positive testimonials for QuickGain I decided to give it a try. I am not disappointed at all! It has been everything it claims to be. I have noticed my erections are stronger and I am bigger. I feel fuller and the intensity of my orgasms is fantastic -- I don't ever want to go back to the way they were. Moreover, the strength of my body has increased -- I may be 47 years old, but I'm now weight lifting again with the strength I had in my 20s. This product is now a part of my daily regimen. I will never give it up. I strongly urge anyone considering this product to give it a try."

- Raymond

"About a month ago I had hit a point in my training where I wasn't making sufficient gains in strength or mass. I had tried different training techniques that had worked in the past. Still nothing helped me overcome this obstacle. Researching on the internet led me to discover QuickGain, continuing my training, diet, and rest. Within the first week I could feel a difference in the gym, bedroom and in between workout days. I would get such an awesome pump when I worked out and didn't want to stop adding more weight. I enjoyed adding more weight each set and getting the same if not more reps. My clothes felt like they had shrunk one size and my muscles were full and dense even on days I did not train. After a month I had gained 12 pounds and gained strength that I could only dream of. These supplements are awesome and I am looking forward to my next order."

- Anonymous

"I'm 38 years old and all I can say is that QuickGain has given me that extra bit of "oomph" I needed. Now I have my confidence back and am currently dating a younger woman. Thanks!"

- Nick

"About five months ago, I started dating a 23 year old, intelligent, gorgeous, blonde woman. I was amazed she was interested in me, as I'm forty-one and not in the best shape anymore...We started having regular sex almost every night and most mornings/afternoons as we both work at night in a restaurant. Problem was, it wasn't lasting long for me and I wasn't satisfying her. This started to frustrate me, not to mention her, and it caused some friction between us that lead to me almost losing her. I researched some products online and received my pills 3 weeks ago...needless to say, she can't get enough of me now. My stamina is better, my orgasms are more intense and we've also noticed a change in my girth. She's also had more orgasms in the past two weeks than she had in the first four months of our relationship. It's given me more confidence and made our relationship so much better... SEND ME MORE!!!"

- Frank

"I really didn't expect much change when I started using this product but the effects were great. I have more muscle mass and energy."

- Joe

"QuickGain makes sex so much better. I noticed I have a bigger size in my chest and legs and even my well…you know ;) My girlfriend loves it!"

- Pat

"After using QuickGain, I have noticed a difference in my arms and abs the most. They have been looking a lot bigger and more defined. Compliments have been coming my way left and right. My bench has increased drastically recently, which is surprising since my chest has always been lagging. I'm glad that I have been using this great product."

- Dylan

"I have been using QuickGain for about 1 month and have noticed no size increase, but I have noticed an increase in my energy. I seem to be able to keep going and going in my workouts. I’m now leaner than ever. For me it's worth it, because the injections gave me headaches."

- Jake

"Dear Customer Service Team, I have been using your products for nearly a year. The benefits of this product are excellent. It's increased my sexual drive, energy, muscle and made me happier in general. I must say, I am very impressed with QuickGain since I have been using them daily. Now I want to get close to my girl friend every minute I can... All I can say is the best product for me compared to several products I used."

- George

"There was no way possible that I thought I would be able to BLAST through my plateaus like I did by using QuickGain! About a month and a half ago I have received my order and within a week all of my friends and family couldn't believe the transformation with my body! Before I started taking the products I was about 192lbs and my bench was 215 for a max of 6 reps. I am now 206lbs and I'm up 250lbs on the flat bench like there is no tomorrow! My chest, shoulders, and arms have swelled up like you wouldn't believe and even my abs have an awesome chiseled look! When I'm in the gym I feel like I run the place and people literally walk around me and just stare when I'm doing sets. It's awesome and I recommend your products to any guy looking who wants pack on slabs of super lean muscle, and to look, and feel like a god wherever they go. Thanks, your products are the key to getting HUGE and I will definitely keep buying more!!"

- Anonymous

"Hello, following is my testimonial of QuickGain. I have been using it for almost a year now and am a customer for life now! It has revived my tired libido, and body with a daily sexual appetite, no matter how exhausted I am. It has also produced some of the most full, hard biceps I have ever had! Thank you!"

- Stafford

"Hi, I have been using your product for a year now and I am very pleased with the results! I have definitely reaped the benefits from QuickGain, I recently had a physical and the results were excellent. I was told that my Cholesterol was at 59 and the blood flow in my veins is like that of a twenty year old. I am 39 years old! I want to thank you for creating such a natural product"

- Jonathan

"Hell yea, this does really work. In just a few days my wife noted how much of gains that I had made. I was very skeptical in the beginning, however, after a week of using your products DAMN!!! It is amazing how much and fast that I have grown. I've been working out for years and have never had faster gains from any other products that I have tried. My arms grew from 15 inches to over 17 inches in less than a month. WOW!!! Others are now noticing and wonder what my secret is. Thank you for having such great products that allows me to reach my fullest potential!!!!!" Oh and I love the spray before workouts!"

- Anonymous

"I have never tried a product that works so well and so immediately. The health benefits I receive are tremendous"

- Harry

"My wife loves this! It is the best thing we ever did for our love life. Thanks!!"

- Steve

"I've been using QuickGain for only two weeks now and i already am benching 190 lbs, before i was only benching 125, i am freakin shocked how much weight i can pump now, I'm already getting ripped from just two weeks of using this stuff and I've gained almost two inches on my biceps, i feel like a hulk now and just two weeks ago i felt like a wimp, now my only problem is just trying to keep my wife off of me, just won’t stop about how good I'm looking now, thank you, you've changed my life!"

- Anonymous

"Just wanted to say thanks; your product really works. What a difference it has made for me. My wife asked, "Who this new man was she's been sleeping (actually not sleeping much) with." Anyone reading this with questions about QuickGain - let me tell you it works. Go ahead and try it, you won't be disappointed."

- Ken

"I purchased 1 bottle of QuickGain about 1 month ago and couldn't believe the results. I gained about 1 inch on my arms and increased my squat by about 50 pounds. Also my energy level increased."

- Anonymous

"Men: If you have been delaying trying QuickGain, YOU ARE CHEATING YOURSELVES!!! I am a 46 year old male; athletic, with a physically demanding job. We all know as you progress in age, our bodies don't respond or perform as they did years ago. I have tried several other testosterone products, but became truly discouraged, as I did have some success, [but] I did not care to deal with the various unpleasant side effects that came with using those products. I had heard about QuickGain months ago from my naturopath doctor, but hesitated to try it due to my past experiences. The first selling point was, I could not find any information about any side effects that would be connected with the use of QuickGain. So I talked it over with my wife, and we decided to try it. I still want to kick myself for not trying QuickGain a long time ago! I now have my confidence back, and enjoy a much awaited returned active sex life! After using the gel for three days, my sexual appetite was vastly improved, and my wife is totally pleased with the new me! If you have not tried QuickGain yet, you owe it to yourself as well as your significant other! You too will be disappointed that you delayed trying it! Thank you! Thank you; you now have yet another loyal customer!"

- Nathan

"I have been taking QuickGain for the past 45 days (now on my second bottle). I must say, the results I have seen have been well worth it. I have seen a huge change in my size and my mood is better than ever. What more could I ask for? I have increased my stamina and I truly am more confident."

- Micah

"I have been using QuickGain now for one week and what I have felt is amazing. My strength and my stamina is at an all time high. My workouts were already crazy, now with QuickGain there frigging bomb! I have people looking at me in the gym like I'm not human and I love it. My rest time between each set has gotten shorter and my willingness to bang out another set after set has been no problem. I can't wait to complete the 6 month supply to see my results from all my hard work and from the help of QuickGain to keep me motivated. I can literally just spray the gel on if I’m feeling run down or not in the mood to work out and it pep’s me right up!"

- Anonymous

"I used the gel before meeting my girlfriend and she asked me after sex if I had taken something, because I was unusually bigger and longer lasting, I didn't give up my secret and we had sex 3 more times that night, I'm buying more so I never run out!"

- Kirk

"Thanks to the QuickGain you have sent me, my life has returned to great... The way it ought to be.. I am thankful for such a product... My partner loves what it has done for my body..."

- Cole

"Hello my name is Joe. I ordered your product and was really doubtful that it would work but after taking the pills for only two days I could see a significant difference in my workouts... I highly recommend QuickGain to anyone."

- Joe

"Almost finish with my 2 bottles. Results are great. Will be ordering again in 1 month. Thank you!"

- Anonymous

"I received my order a week ago and already I am seeing results. I have tried other products but none have given me actual results and so soon. My wife and I have been married 12 years and this helps put the spice back in our lives. Thanks"

- Bill

"Using QuickGain has improved my self confidence and marriage. At 52, I noticed my ability to maintain muscle was decreasing dramatically. Since I have been using your product I feel it’s just like old times again. I am sure glad I discovered your product!"

- Eric

"My wife ordered this product for me several months ago and I really didn't want to try it at first because I didn't see anything wrong with me. Now that I have tried QuickGain I didn't know what I was missing out on. This product is great and has definitely saved our marriage. I just placed my second order on this product and will continue to use it for years to come... I would definitely recommend this product to everyone I know. It is great!!!!"

- Jerry

"I have definitely been enjoying the improvement in his life since I ordered the QuickGain for my man. His drive is increased. I think he may get a promotion next month! Yay, that means I can go buy more shoes! Thank you for this wonderful product!"

- Kathy

"Dear QuickGain, I gained 1 inch on arms and chest. My strength also increased by 40%. I would recommend product especially when you have reached a plateau."

- Anonymous

"Great product. Brought my life back to the beginning! Thanks"

- Norman

"I’m not sure if your product was suppose to do this but this has been my experience, After only 2 weeks my penis is significantly larger when erect. My wife noticed the increased size the very first day that I started using QuickGain. She commented, 'You really seem bigger tonight'. She hasn't commented on my penis size in years. When we actually had intercourse, she screamed, 'You Definitely are huge! Whatever you have done, keep doing it!' We have also gone from making love 2 times per week, to every day, 16 times in total, for 14 straight days with no let-up in sight. All of this after 26 years together. My re-order for 4 more packages was just processed. The best investment that I have EVER made!"

- Ray

"I must say I am very impressed with QuickGain so far. My stamina is tripled, my workouts feel different (more pleasurable, yet in control). And this after only three days! Wow!"

- David

"Since I've been taking QuickGain, the control I've had over my memory loss has been awesome. I honestly have more power in decisions, memory and stamina. I have the strength to go 16 hours at work. I love it! Oh yeah and my biceps are 2 inches bigger."

- Andrew

"Just placed my second order for QuickGain and am happy to report that it has increased my body size to what it was several years ago! Thanks!"

- Oscar

"I am 46 years old with a 28 year old girlfriend, and was feeling as if I was not satisfying her. After considerable thought I bought a 6 month supply of QuickGain. To be honest, I never trusted the claims made companies selling these type of products, but thought I would at least try what appeared to be the best of the bunch. I never told my girlfriend that I was taking something, but about 10 days after I starting taking the pills she asked, "what are you taking" and commented that I was a good way. She even "accused" me of having an affair! Now, over 4 months later, I take my pills everyday and I notice better memory, sleep, muscle mass and sex, but most importantly, a more satisfied partner. She recently told me, "don't forget to re-order your pills." Thank you"

- Gramm

"After taking QuickGain, I noticed a difference right away in my ability to achieve multiple reps when I worked out. I'm a customer for life."

- Brian

"I have been using QuickGain for about a month and it works great. My sex drive has never been higher. I've taken 2 tablets in the morning for the past 30 days. I seem to have noticed a small increase in size, but more importantly for me, QuickGain provides me with a leaner look. I love it!"

- Sam

"I'm just about done with the few bottles that i had ordered and wow what results i have been able to put 3 inches on to my biceps an inch on my neck and 3 inches to my chest. I am extremely impressed with the results not only that but was able to put on 30 lbs of solid muscle and dropping off the fat daily. I have also noticed as time goes on along with these amazing gains I'm more vascular than ever have been able to achieve before and i have tried just about everything out there. Nothing gives u the same results that i have attained using these products that I will be ordering again soon. I would definitely recommend these products to anybody out there that is a hard gainer like i am!"

- Anonymous

"After reading the reviews on this site and some other sites, I decided to give QuickGain a try. Boy, was I glad I did. It is a remarkable product and gives me no side effects like my other scripts. I am switched for good. Thanks for making this product as I now get no more headaches and my wife still loves me!"

- Remie

"Emailing you to let you know how your wonderful product has changed our lives. I am really having a great time."

- Dennis

"I definitely noticed an increase in the orgasm pleasure threshold, and more control of that release."

- Andy

"QuickGain has made a big difference in our lives. Our relationship has improved forever. My wife loves my new body."

- Henry

"I was a little embarrassed to offer my dear husband a supplement to enhance our vigorous and healthy love life; however he is an adventurous gentleman. Since taking the supplement for a month, we notice it has added a new dimension to his body to an already wonderful butt!"

- Lora

"Last night my girlfriend came home from school and it was the best time we had ever had. Thank you. It made me feel like a monster. I’m slowly gaining the muscle that I’ve always dreamed of having"

- Andy

"I have been taking QuickGain for almost a month now. As a matter of fact I am just about to re-order another supply because I have been pleasantly surprised at the results. I have more energy than ever! I feel 18 again! Thank You."

- Brand

"Let me begin first off by saying: This stuff is for real!! I have been taking QuickGain for not quite two weeks yet and I am already seeing amazing results. Not only visual results but strength results as well. My bench has gone up 35lbs in the last several days and I have gained 3/4" on my arms. The extra flab around the waist line is beginning to disappear and the muscle underneath is beginning to show. I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to gain some quick strength and muscle mass. Amazing pumps, amazing concentration in the gym, amazing results, amazing product."

- Anonymous

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